BellHouse is a playful, interactive sound sculpture that premiered at the EUPORIAS General Assembly in 2016.

Originally commissioned by the Met Office and Kaleider on behalf of EUPORIAS in 2016. BellHouse now revisits its roots of translating climate data for Climateurope September – November 2020. BellHouse is inviting delegates to share their data to be translated into the chimes of 34 bells, challenging how data is presented, communicated and miscommunicated. BellHouse asks:

How is your data heard? Who hears it? How do they interpret it? And what do they do next?


BellHouse has it’s own website at:

This website is a public record of the project to date. It is intended to document the initial development and installation at the Met Office in 2016, the first installation in a public space at Exeter Central Library in 2017 and the Climate Europe Conference in 2020.

Please click the link to find it. You will find films, audio recordings, written documentation of all of the events that BellHouse was a part of.